The three Johnathans

I am working with three Jonathans now: one of them that you may know is Jonathan Bouskila that used to get many lessons from Anat and the center years ago and for the last 2.5 years he is with me. He improved so much that there is actually no sign to him ever being on the spectrum.

The other one I wrote about in the past is a handsome 5.5 Yo with sever CP.

He was moving uncontrollably and could not utter a word or a letter or a phoneme you could understand.

For the last 2  weeks we are in a deep 10 days intensive and he is sitting quietly now controlling his hands way better than before and he started moving in the room in a froglike jumps and now I work with him on considering the hands as part of the deal. As he improves his pronunciation becomes little by little but in a sure way, clearer and controlled.

Today at our last day His dad said that last night he came to him and "wrote" on the letter board: Dad, wanna see a magic? And he slowly twisted his hand inward and outward and moved the palm right and left amazed and excited by his new discovered ability.

He is so into learning and so bright. He wants for us to work on rolling from sitting forward on his head and believe it or not we started working on it slowly.

After a week rest we are about to have another double intensive in February



The last Jonathan is 3.5 Yo boy with CP and I suspect with some sort of autism or retardation.

When we started working three months ago he was just lying around moving spastically and in an odd way from back to belly and back again the minute you touched him. He was just kind of crying and complaining and never spoke a word and he could not focus his eyes and never seemed to be looking at anything. Finally he was moving his head nonstop from side to side.

Gradually he started crawling foot by foot and on to standing on knees leaning on me or dad. the head movements are long gone and you can see now that he is looking at you and see things, he is now interested very much in his sister's toys and playing with the ball (in the past nothing was of any interest to him) and just last week mum came to me excited that he is trying to speak and starts to make more and more sounds.

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