Anat Baniel NeuroMovement Methodׂׂ(sm) for children with special needs

A webinar I gave to professionals in Kiev and Saint Petersburg 2016

The ABM (Anat Baniel Method for children with special needs)method  is a  very precise and effective therapy for transforming the life of your child whether he is with special needs or otherwise developmentally   delayed

The method was developed by Anat Baniel who is one of the leading experts in the world in this field .

Her method is an evolution of the Feldenkrais method in which she is a senior trainer  along with her more then 30 years of working with kids with special needs transforming their life.

The method has the support of leading researchers in the  field of neuroscience  such as Dr. Michael merzenich and others  and it is used daily to help children from all aspects of developmental issues to turn on their learning switch in the brain and to help them live more fully and to function better.

Eytan Lerner is a senior Feldenkrais practitioner(graduated 1994 with Anat Baniel as a master trainer) with more then 20 years of experience  working with adults with functional problems and with high performance  people such as actors, singers, dancers and musicians

In 2008 Eytan started working with kids with special needs and gradually  started having better and better results with kids with Hypotonia, Asperger and the Autism spectrum , ADHA and ADD and childrens with neurological  and genetic disorders

While working with special kids, Eytan took several flights to the ABM center in San Rafael  California  and completed his studies  and graduated 2014

The Israeli NeuroDevelopment center for kids with special needs uses the NeuroMovement(R) approach of the ABM method and also uses the knowledge of the  Feldenkrais method to transform the lives of adults and kids.

The center is located in a peaceful clinic  in the vicinity of Tel Aviv and is conducting counselling sessions, intensive sessions and therapy for special children and babies  from Israel and  clients who travel especially from other countries.

A year ago Eytan Lerner has started a new parents center project in Ukraine where he works with kids with various problems after being invited by the parents who wanted to learn more about the possibility of the ABM method to be the chief method that will be taught to their kids

He also is invited on a regular basis few times a year to ABM center of Istanbul and to Cyprus.

The center and Eytan are welcoming  invitations of parents from other countries to come for intensive sessions in their area

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NeuroMovementis a registered trademark to the Anat Baniel Method

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