a boy on the autistic spectrum update


Since I was one of the receivers of the ABM grant I thought I may update you on a little guy that is benefiting from it.
N'  is an autistic 2.5 YO boy mostly quiet and to himself.
He does not engage or makes eye contact or play with anything. He is not interested in playing.
I worked with him few lessons here and there but not the intensity I wanted since the mum can not afford more then a lesson a week or even two weeks.
Last week we started a 17 lesson intensive spread along 2 weeks.
the first lesson was about setting the rules of conduct in the room and on the table and he actually even though struggling here and there, let me worked with him.

the 2nd lesson with him was all about staying on the table or at least in one place long enough to feel and sense.
As He was trying to get off the table while I was holding his pelvis or chest and grounding him all the time using words that describes what he does and what I do. Then he stood up on the table and started looking around all 4 walls while circling. I held him all the time emphasizing things like : this is your pelvis and now it is above your feet and you can not move the pelvis because I am holding you , but you move other parts … and then same thing with his chest and so on.
Then I started naming the things he sees around: there is mummy sitting there and there is a picture .. and another one ….
this went on for quite a while and he started to pay attention to what he sees and sense. each time I said now you see this and there is that I also said A N D this is Y O U here standing and I hold your pelvis …
Yesterday our third lesson was about to begin and to both mine and his mum's shock he entered the door and looked at me smiling , and came to hug me still looking to my eyes.

the third lesson he was cracking up so hard it was a delight to see and hear while I waved his hands up with crazy different sounds and then throwing them to the table to break the fall . I t was hilarious and I believe we are yet to see more changes

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